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Our therapy team is known for excellence and compassion in providing rehabilitation therapy.  The St. Camillus therapy team will travel to your home to offer rehabilitative treatments.


What is Occupational Therapy?


What is Physical Therapy?


What is Speech Language Pathology?

Physical Therapy (PT) is for individuals with pain and/or movement dysfunction resulting from disability or illness.  Through proper evaluation and treatment, physical therapy can minimize pain while maximizing functional potential.  There are many benefits to “pre-surgery” therapy as well, including strengthening to assure a quick recovery.


Physical Therapy adds to an individual's strength, mobility and fitness. PT goals may be to decrease joint pain, improve mobility, strength, endurance, balance and range of motion.  Education for clients and family is essential to our team approach.

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps individual to shorten their recovery time and return to their lives through the use of therapeutic methods and environmental modifications.  OT offers assessments and interventions to reduce the risk of falls.

Speech Language Pathology (SLP) offers comprehensive evaluations and treatments for individuals who have developed speech, swallowing or cognitive problems following injury or illness.  Individualized treatment programs are developed for each client based on their diagnosis and needs.

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